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The Batavian is your local news source serving the community of Batavia, New York, and Genesee County. As a locally owned and independent newspaper, The Batavian prides itself on providing accurate, reliable, and insightful coverage of news, sports, and events in the area.

History of The Batavian

The Batavian has been covering the local Batavia community for over 15 years, starting as an online-only news publication. Founded in 2006 by publisher Teri Conover, the goal was to create a hyperlocal news source focused entirely on Batavia and its surrounding neighborhoods.

In the early days, The Batavian staff wrote about any and every topic affecting residents, from council meetings and school board decisions to community fundraisers and area business openings. Coverage expanded to include sports, arts, and entertainment as The Batavian developed regular beat reporters and columnists.

By 2010, The Batavian had grown into one of the most trusted and widely read news sources for the Batavia area. The website saw thousands of visitors each month, eager to stay informed on what was happening in their backyard. This success allowed The Batavian to begin printing a quarterly newspaper to distribute around the community in 2012.

Years of Dedicated Community Coverage
Over the past decade-plus, The Batavian has cemented its role as the definitive source for local news, issues, and events in Batavia. Some of the biggest stories covered include:

  • 2018 Genesee County budget battles and tax increases
  • Extensive reporting on the impact of extreme winter storms and flooding
  • Profiles of influential community members and local business leaders
  • In-depth investigations into school district policies and administration
  • Exclusive interviews with elected officials from the county and city levels
  • Sports championship recaps and profiles of hometown athletic stars
  • Arts scene reports on performances, exhibitions, and cultural projects
  • Calendar listing virtually every community fundraiser, festival, or meeting

Whether breaking news, providing analysis, or simply sharing positive neighborly stories, The Batavian strives to offer readers information and context about the issues closest to home. It’s this steadfast dedication to the local community that keeps residents loyal to The Batavian after all these years.

Expanding Digital Reach

While the printed newspaper remains popular for some readers, The Batavian has evolved with the digital age by expanding its online presence and multimedia offerings. The redesigned website, launched in early 2020, features:

  • Mobile-optimized design for on-the-go access on phones and tablets
  • Advanced calendaring and event listings integrated with Google and Facebook
  • Video reports and interviews posted to the site and on YouTube
  • Popular Facebook group for local discussions, questions and recommendations
  • Increased website traffic and higher rates of engaged readership

By better utilizing modern content

management and distribution tools, The Batavian can reach even more community members wherever and however they access local information. This digital evolution helps sustain The Batavian for the future as both a newspaper and a valuable online news source.

Continued Commitment to Local Journalism

Looking ahead, The Batavian remains unwavering in its mission to thoroughly cover the issues, personalities, and stories that comprise everyday life in the Batavia area. Whether delivered in print or posted online, The Batavian’s reporting will always focus on:

  • Holding local leaders and organizations accountable through fair and factual coverage
  • Amplifying civic discussions and giving residents a platform to be heard
  • Celebrating the successes, contributions, and character of neighbors near and far
  • Connecting community members to information, services, and each other

After over 15 years of service, The Batavian newspaper is still your #1 connection to what’s happening locally in Batavia, NY. As an independently owned news source, The Batavian relies on community support to sustain its important work of keeping residents informed on the news closest to home.

Covering Local Government

A core part of The Batavian’s mission is transparently reporting on the workings of local government. Readers can find thorough coverage of city council meetings, school board discussions, county legislature sessions, and more. Reporters attend these public meetings and provide recaps and analyses of agenda items, debates, budget discussions, and votes. This helps keep residents informed on policy decisions and taxpayer dollars being allocated to their community.

Sports Scene Standout

As a longtime supporter of local scholastic athletics, The Batavian has built a respected sports section. Dedicated writers file weekly updates and game recaps for every varsity team in Batavia city schools. Beloved columnists like Joe Genco and Kevin O’Neill offer commentary and player profiles. Major tournaments and championship runs receive extensive coverage. The Batavian prides itself on spotlighting the accomplishments of hometown student-athletes.

Engaging Arts Content

The Batavian features regular reviews and previews of local theatrical productions, museum exhibits, concerts, and more. Readers find this cultural content indispensable for learning about upcoming arts events and performances happening around the community. The talented artists and organizations that enrich the Batavia region are profiled extensively as well. This coverage helps promote and support the area’s thriving arts scene.

Investigative Journalism Initiatives

Periodically, The Batavian conducts in-depth journalistic investigations into important issues affecting the community. Recent projects include a series examining employment levels and economic mobility in Genesee County as well as a probe of developer incentives and promises versus local job creation outcomes. The Batavian is not afraid to ask tough questions and hold powerful institutions accountable through diligent fact-finding.

Engaging Opinion Pieces

The Batavian’s robust opinion section provides a public forum for community discourse. In addition to staff editorials, readers will find commentaries and letters to the editor from residents sharing their perspectives on local concerns. This open exchange of ideas enriches civic discussions and showcases diverse viewpoints on policies under consideration. The opinion page is required reading to take the pulse of current issues.

Business Coverage Boost

The Batavian features a dedicated business reporter responsible for spotlighting the many entrepreneurs and companies that drive the local economy. Profiles of prominent firms and new openings are complemented by reports on industry trends, networking events, and expansions. Recent examples include in-depth special sections focused on manufacturing, agriculture, and the emerging craft beverage sector. The Batavian’s commercial coverage is an asset to any business seeking community exposure.

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