If you are hiring for one, or several, positions at your company, you may find that you are overwhelmed with applications and resumes flooding in from several sources. You may have applications coming in digitally from job postings on online job boards or social media. 

You may have people inquiring about positions or sending resumes via email. You may even have people mailing in or walking in hard copy resumes or applications. So how do you keep track of them all? Here are some useful methods that employers use to juggle all of the applications they receive:

Funnel All Applications to One Central Location

If you prefer your applications to be submitted digitally for ease of tracking, request applicants all follow the same directions to submit their application. If you receive applications through other means, such as email or hard copies of resumes, politely reply with a request that applicants submit their pertinent information using your company’s preferred method.

For example, you may advertise a position in multiple places, but each job posting directs the applicants to the same online application that gets submitted to a central location. Once you centralize all of your applications, it is easier to compare the applicants all together.

Utilize Your Applicant Tracking System

Whether you utilize an applicant tracking system that applicants can apply to directly, or you export or upload applications to an applicant tracking system, all applications should ultimately end up in your company’s applicant tracking system. If you do not yet own this type of software, this is something your company should invest in.

There are many options for applicant tracking systems and the number of different functions available within applicant tracking systems makes them valuable to companies. This will make your hiring process very streamlined and will help any company to juggle all of their applications.

Discover All of the Functions of your Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system will also help company’s juggle all of the follow-ups needed with the many applications received for a job posting. Applicant tracking systems make applicant information searchable, and they can also send automated messages, like letting applicants know their application was received or sending out any pre-interview online tests.

The system can also help your company to schedule interviews and mail any rejection letters. Once you have selected a candidate, the systems can even help your human resources office add the new hire to the payroll.

The easiest and most streamlined way for companies to juggle the many applications they receive for jobs is the applicant tracking system. Whichever system your company chooses will help you streamline the process of recruiting, accepting applications, communicating with candidates, and eventually hiring candidates.

If your company does not yet have an applicant tracking system, invest in one now. If your company already has an applicant tracking system, be sure you are utilizing all of the useful functions that the system offers at each step of the hiring process.

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