In April 2019, the first Sunright Tea Studio opened in Diamond Bar, California, and has since expanded to 19 locations. The company is proud to import the majority of its ingredients from Taiwan, and its menu includes fresh fruit juices and molasses-infused brown sugar. Eater LA recently visited the Arcadia location, one of the chain’s busiest. The Arcadia location opened in November 2021 and was ranked as one of the top two locations in the chain.

Sunright Tea Studio is a boba shop

If you’re looking for an authentic, colorful coffee or tea experience, head to Sunright Tea Studio. The shop has a whimsical cloud design, bold yellow colors, and helpful staff. The menu is diverse and offers something for every type of customer. Kids will love the Oreo Brlée Boba Milk, while grandmas can indulge in the Four Seasons Tea. Whether you’re a coffee drinker or a tea aficionado, you’re bound to find the perfect blend at Sunright.

A boba shop’s staff is small but efficient. On a recent Saturday, I was there to witness a nonstop five-hour shift from two of the shop’s five staff members. They rushed to get the ingredients for the drinks and prepare them for the customers. Each staff member made one drink every three minutes. I was in awe of their dedication. When the internet went down, the staff was busy making more drinks than they could handle.

It has ten locations in Southern California

Sunright Tea Studio opened in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles and Sawtelle in West LA in April 2019. The concept has now expanded to ten Southern California locations and one in Northern California. While you can order any tea you want, you can also enjoy a milk tea, latte, or bubble-tea. The studio is known for its friendly staff and delicious tea drinks. There is even a matcha latte available in the summertime.

The Sunright Tea Studio is a unique concept that brings traditional Taiwanese flavors to SoCal trends. The menu features everything from boba and taro to matcha and Oreos blended with the tea of your choice. The teas are handcrafted in small batches from tea leaves that are picked by master farmers from mountaintop farms. They source their ingredients from the finest purveyors throughout the United States and Asia, and they also import Taiwanese tapioca.

It has a delivery service

Whether you’re looking for a gourmet latte, an iced chai, or a gourmet tea blend, Sunright Tea Studio has it all. The teas are handcrafted from the finest ingredients, including real fruits and organic boba milk. From boba milk teas to matcha lattes and more, there’s a tea for everyone. The company sources its tea leaves from top-notch farms and ferments them to a delicate sweetness. The company also uses tapioca, imported from Taiwan.

Sunright Tea Studio also offers a delivery service. If you live in Los Angeles, you can order your tea online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can use the Uber Eats app to place your order. The delivery fee varies depending on where you live, but typically costs less than $1 per order. If you’re not local, you can place your order via Postmates. The company also offers pickup services at several restaurants in Los Angeles.

It’s a girls’ day out

You’ll want to bring the girls to the Sunright tea studio for a girls’ day out. This tea room is a hidden gem in Westfield’s Monterey Park. Staff members are always busy making drinks and fetching ingredients from the kitchen. We were there for five hours, and I don’t think anyone slacked off. I saw one person making a drink every three minutes. After a five-hour internet outage, the shop stayed open!

It’s a great hangout

If you’re looking for a unique hangout, the Sunright Tea Studio may be the answer. This tea studio serves up tasty drinks made from the finest leaves in the world, and the owners are always ready to welcome you to their cozy nook. Located on the second floor of the Monterey Park mall, the studio is accessible from many points of the city. You’ll find it convenient to get to from either your home or the nearby Westfield mall.

The Arcadia location of Sunright Tea Studio is the closest one to the beach. This shop, which opened in early 2019 in Diamond Bar, has expanded to 19 locations, with a focus on bringing the Taiwanese tea experience to the West Coast. The company imports most of its ingredients from Taiwan, including the molasses-infused brown sugar and fresh fruit juices. On a busy Saturday, Eater LA followed a crew of staff to the Arcadia location. Since opening in November 2021, the Arcadia location is one of the two busiest outlets in the chain.

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