With a few exceptions, the film features decent performances from both adult and child actors. Rukmini Maitra, a child actor, is especially impressive. She also gets a lot of screen time. Although the cinematography and music departments have done a great job, the execution of the film could have been better. These aspects need to be addressed by the director and the editing team in order to improve the film’s final execution. Sanak is a well-made and entertaining drama. However, viewers may be discouraged from watching the movie for its flaws.

Vivaan Ahuja has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Vivaan Ahuja is a MMA trainer who discovers that his wife has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, an incurable genetic disease. To save his wife, he must battle armed terrorists. He discovers that Ajit Pal Singh, the notorious arms dealer, has been taken hostage by a group of mercenaries. Sanak Ahuja must save Anshika as well as the other hostages in the hospital.

Sanak, a Bollywood thriller starring Vivaan Ahuja & Anshika is a Bollywood thriller. The film follows the struggles and triumphs of the couple as they attempt to save their wives. Vivaan must work overtime because his wife is in danger and he must use every resource he has to save her. Although the movie contains some negative aspects, it’s still worth seeing if you love Bollywood thrillers. The movie opens with Vivaan and Anshika having a dinner date. Soon, it becomes apparent that Anshika is suffering from a serious heart condition and requires immediate surgery.

Vivaan is a hunter of sea otter.

Vivaan is a Sanak sea otter hunter. Sanak is a company that assists fishermen in the Bay of Bengal to care for large numbers of sea otters. These animals, despite their small size and value, are extremely valuable. These animals can be more active during storms. It is therefore difficult to catch them.

Although once healthy, the population had been decimated by a few fur trappers. Captain Nidever, a mountaineer, was a pioneer of this activity. His father, a farmer, paid him $40 per skin. They were able to support their families as a result. Captain Nidever led a group of fishermen who paddled through the surf each night to search for the creatures.

Vivaan is a hostage

Vivaan is a hostage of the Mumbai crime drama, “Sanak.” Vivaan, a former police officer is on the lookout for his wife Anshika after she has had life-threatening surgery. Soon, the two realize that their lives are at risk and that the Mumbai Police is unable to assist. It is up to Vivaan and his wife to save them both.

Vivaan, despite being a hostage is determined to release his hostages. Riyaz and Zubin help him to understand the hospital’s layout. He also plans to attack its control room. Vivaan and Zubin defeat the terrorist who attacks the hospital. Despite the danger, Vivaan enters the hospital with his team to rescue the hostages. They set off a bomb to free the hostages and Vivaan killed Saju’s accomplice.

Relationship between Vivaan and Riyaaz

The action in Vivaan is intense and the script too ‘action-packed to develop its emotional core. Sanak is the story of a hero who is on a time-bound mission with multiple hostages and gunfire while his relationship to his wife Anshika is not fulfilling. The film’s hero has long and awkward conversations with Riyaaz about Anshika. Riyaaz records a cheesy voicemail for her husband. Lalit is also writing poetry in his journal. Aarav calls Lalit and asks for his assistance.

Although the first encounter between Vivaan & Riyaaz was pleasant and enjoyable, Riyaaz’s second encounter is a bit more difficult. Bharti falls in love blindly with Vivaan, and finds him irresistible charming. Her attraction to him grows stronger and she feels a deeper love for him. They begin to date and fall in love.

Vivaan and David Anderson’s relationship

He is also an expert in economics, family policy, and public philosophy. David was previously a Director at Liberty Mutual where he introduced new technology and raised engineering standards. Tazz with the Jazz, a radio program that was very popular on campus, was also hosted by David.

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