Pick-up vehicle beds are adaptable attachments that can be used for various purposes. Ute Trays improve cargo space and have removable sides, making them a practical choice for any lorry. You can extend their usefulness by adding extras such as a toolbox, rope carrier, trays and covers. Below are some of the benefits and applications of lorry beds.

Storage space

Compared to regular cars, UTEs offer more storage space for trucks. The added advantage is the increased cargo space that allows lorry owners to transport everything according to their pickup lorry. The practical and efficient shelves make transporting new furniture, houseplants, and other goods easier.

Cab options

Some people choose not to buy UTEs because they are worried about their lorry’s interior space and comfort. However, you can enjoy your interior space to the fullest without having to compromise. These trays are highly versatile and come in various styles and layouts. For pickups, mainly if you use your vehicle for business. Such a tray is custom-made and can be easily fitted into the pickup’s body. And when you are surfing or doing other leisure activities, you do not need to look for extra storage space, because you can take all your holiday or sports equipment with you.

Utes are not like automobiles that can serve as a mobile office on tyres. Depending on the specific requirements, the design has to support different functions. If you want to update your ute tablets, consider the following options that best suit your needs. If you work in the industry, you need lockable trays to keep your valuable products and machinery safe in the lorry.

We have explained your alternatives.

Because they are factory-fitted, standard tubs for trucks offer little flexibility. On the other hand, custom-made aluminium boot trays allow you to use them entirely as you wish. These tubs have double-height side walls with connecting rails and easily fit into any lorry. The aluminium tubs are highly durable as they are designed to last for a long time. These tubs can withstand all climatic conditions and situations.


UTE trays are one of the most convincing reasons for equipping them. As a carpenter, mechanic, contractor, or tradesman, you need a reliable ute with plenty of tub space. When looking for the best designs, make a list of how and what you plan to use the ute for. A checklist will help you find the best trays and increase practicality.


Sturdy toolboxes are the safest solution to protect your equipment and contents. You do not have to lug large products daily in and out of your office. Ute tubs can be mounted anywhere on your vehicle, and the lockable modules provide secure storage space to keep your equipment safe and secure.

Better use of space

Due to the simplicity and slenderness of aluminium, Ute tubs offer more space and more flexibility. The flat tubs can be slipped over the wheels, maximising usable space. You can also easily mount them higher in the car to make room for tool boxes underneath.

If you want to replace or upgrade your original tub, there are several alternatives to choose from, depending on your budget. If you spend some time browsing the internet, you will most likely find something that meets your requirements and fits your budget. Aluminium tubs are indeed the best form of the tub as they are cheap and corrosion-resistant. Steel tubs are more expensive and can rust if not correctly maintained. Apart from the cost, you also need to consider the tub’s features. Therefore, before you choose one of the best tubs for your car, make sure to check with the trusted suppliers of UTE tubs.

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