Babies are very delicate and are very prone to get injured while playing. The parents often panic when babies start crawling. Their anxiousness rises because children at this stage are innovative and want to explore everything. Since they don’t have a developed sense of right and wrong so they get themselves in trouble at times. You can’t make a baby sit on a chair all the time and you can’t stop him from playing around, so instead certain measures are to be taken to ensure the safety and security of the baby at home.

Here are some ways to keep your crawling babies safe while playing.

Be Aware of Sharp Corners

When babies start crawling they often try to stand up by holding nearby objects like a bedside or table. The problem comes with the sharp corners of the furniture that children do not care about and get themselves bruised by bumping in them. When your baby starts crawling, make sure you get the furniture pads and cover the corners of the chairs, tables, and other items, so that your baby stays safe.

Floor Safety

Babies enjoy it more when they play on the floor. It provides them more space to move around and have fun, however, the floor is too hard for the babies to crawl and play and their knees get hurt. For this reason, either you can use knee pads for the kids while they are playing or you can purchase a Grace & Maggie padded play mat in Australia that is soft and comfortable, and secures your baby’s knees from getting sore.

Cabinet and Gate Guards

The room cupboards are often huge and babies do not go for it, however, the kitchen cabinets are very much liked by babies. Similarly, babies can easily reach out for the drawers and slide them open. Invest in good-quality cabinet and drawer locks so that your baby cannot open them and be safe. Also if your house has passages or an open staircase, do insert a gate. You never know where a baby can go within a fraction of a second. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Keep Small Objects Away

The crawling stage comes with a lot of new experiences for the baby. They try to take everything in their mouth that they come across. Whether it’s a piece of paper or the cap of a bottle, they will just grab and start licking it. This often creates stomach issues for the young ones. To avert the situation, try to keep small objects away from the baby’s reach. Clean the floor properly, do not put items on the tables that may fit in the small fist, and always keep an eye on your baby.

Electric Points

The switches and sockets are very dangerous and must be covered timely before your baby makes his way towards them. Either tape the sockets or get yourself plastic socket covers. Also, keep your baby away from electric appliances, like lamps, television, chargers, etc. Babies are unpredictable so always be attentive towards them and never leave them alone. 

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