The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on our lives. It has affected us emotionally, socially, economically, physically, and psychologically. We are all striving to cope with the challenges this pandemic has thrown at us. Contracting COVID-19  is of course the number one concern these days. However, apart from the virus itself, there are concerns about the way our lives have been disrupted by COVID protocols.

Anxiety and fear are by-products of any crisis. It is natural to react in this manner when faced with a situation that is filled with uncertainty and danger.

It is quite easy to get apprehensive and stressed about the things that are beyond our control in these situations. Our mind is constantly thinking about the impact COVID-19  might have on ourselves, our family and friends, our neighborhood, our state, and the world at large. Although it is understandable to have these worries, what is certain is that worrying does not help. There is no benefit in focusing our attention on things that are beyond our control. The more we do this, the more anxious and hopeless we will feel.

Mental health

deterioration is a universal concern. At some instance in our lives, we all battle against mental health issues. Mental health concerns were already bad enough. COVID has amplified them even more.

Here are some ways to maintain mental wellness while dealing with COVID.

Focus Your Attention Towards the Things That Can Be Controlled

The best thing to do in any crisis, COVID or otherwise, is to immediately detach yourself from things beyond your control. What is not in your control is going to happen (or not happen) no matter how much or how little you think about it. However, focusing on what can be controlled is what will get you through any situation, difficult or easy. We can’t control COVID-19 itself, the impact it has on the global economy, or how the authorities will handle the pandemic. We can control how we react to the pandemicCOVID. Regardless of the external factors, the measures which we take will determine what will happen to us and the people around us.

Focusing on the things we can control will help us maintain our sanity during times when we may be required to quarantine, self-isolate, or go into lockdown.

Avoid Negative Feelings and Thoughts

Avoiding negativity will help you get ahead in life. It will also help you cope with COVID or some other similar situation. Whenever you get negative thoughts, tell yourself that it is just your anxiety taking over and that it is only a temporary phase. Thoughts, especially negative ones, are not factual statements. You can do just fine without believing everything you think.

These feelings will pass with time and you do not need to give them any attention. Visualizing such thoughts floating away in the air like a cloud or bubble will help you avoid negativity.

Mindful Relaxation

Mindfulness is all about living in the present moment without clouding your awareness with pre-conceived notions. This includes your feelings, thoughts, sensation, and bodily state while encouraging acceptance, curiosity, and openness.

The secret to mindfulness lies with keen observation. You will begin to observe well when you start to fully utilize your five senses. Try this exercise to achieve mindfulness:

Using your senses, take a look around and make mental notes about whatever is visible to you, what you can physically touch, what you can hear, and what you can smell. Become fully engrossed in the things you experience by using your senses.

There is another version of this same exercise where you close your eyes for a couple of minutes and imagine a place you have been to, like a vacation spot. Imagine you are standing there and using your senses as described above as if you are physically present in your favorite vacation spot.

Summing Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has now been around for over two years and there are no signs of it  will completely vanishing anytime soon. However, this should not prevent us to live our lives as we desire. Maintain a positive attitude and take this challenge head-on. The tips mentioned here will help you cope with COVID and will help ensure you live a stress-free life.

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