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In the world of SEO, there are a lot of myths that people believe to be true. One such myth is that you should update your SEO plan every month as new algorithms come out. This is not necessarily true as updating your SEO plan too often can hurt your website’s performance in search rankings. 

When it comes to Austin TX SEO, most people are looking for a quick fix. They’ve heard that they can improve their website’s search engine rankings by checking off certain boxes, and they want to know how they can do this as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there is no one way of doing things when it comes to getting your website ranked higher in the SERPs. It takes time and effort before you start seeing results — but if you work at it consistently over time, you will see an improvement in your site’s ranking and discover what works best for your business.

When Using the same SEO Plan

If you’ve been using the same SEO plan for more than one year, it’s time to switch up your methods. You need something fresh and exciting or people will get bored with what they’re seeing on their screens – which leads them towards clicking away in search of new content!

You can’t keep on doing the same things and expect different results, so it is time for an SEO makeover! A proper website maintenance plan includes regular updates to your content as well as ensuring that all of the links from external sites point back at yours.

When the Website’s Ranking Dropped

Have you noticed that when people search your website on Google, their rankings have dropped significantly? You may be experiencing several reasons for this to happen. The most common one is lack of fresh content on the page ranking higher than old pages; another cause could potentially lie with an insufficient amount of backlinks from sites outside social media and other blogs/media sources linking into yours as well – but these issues should not discourage us! 

Where there was no Enough Traffic

If you’re not getting the traffic you need to grow your business, it’s time to change your SEO plan. Our team can help you identify and correct the issues that are holding you back. We’ll work with you to create a custom strategy that will get your website ranking higher and drive more traffic your way.

A good way to improve your SEO is by changing the plan. If you’re struggling with meeting company goals and not generating enough traffic or sales, it may be time for a new approach that focuses on increasing conversion rates instead of keyword rankings alone!

The success of any online business depends on how many customers can find them, but if they’re not finding what they need with the search bar then it might be time for some adjustments! Change up where these items appear (some people tend to put more weight than others), adjust their keywords so that potential shoppers know exactly who offers those products or services before making a purchase decision- all this will help boost rankings which makes sites easier targets when someone does finally click through onto something interesting enough. 

When Your Site has New Changes or Updates

If it has been more than 3 years since you last updated your SEO strategy or if there are new changes in the industry that may impact your current plan, such as a change in algorithm, social media platforms, etc.

If you’ve recently made changes to your website—whether it’s adding new pages, changing your layout, or updating your content—you need to update your SEO plan as well. Luckily, our Change SEO plan will help you do just that. With this plan, we’ll work with you to create a new strategy that takes into account the changes you’ve made. 

It’s time to update your SEO strategies. In three years, you could have new information that will impact the way people search for what they need online and if it has been longer than that since an upgrade was last done on these programs then there may be changes in algorithm or other aspects of Google as well which would make them less effective at bringing traffic towards sites like yours because their purpose is centered around ranking high while being user-friendly without this happening often enough!

When You want your E-commerce Site keep with Trends

There are a lot of changes that can happen with SEO. One change is when you’re an e-commerce site and want to keep up with trends, then it’s best for your business if we work together on changing our plan so things don’t get confusing!

It’s always important to stay on top of the latest trends in search engine optimization. If you’re an e-commerce site and don’t want your competitors getting ahead by changing their SEO plan when they need it most – make sure that any changes or updates are sent right away!

When Your Site is Not Being Found in Search Engines

When your business is not being found on search engines, it can be frustrating. But don’t worry! You have a few options to help get the word out and gain some visibility again: 

Update or create more quality content that’s relevant to potential customers’ needs; this will bring up Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when they’re conducting keyword searches which may result in higher traffic numbers than before due to disproportionately high clickthrough rates associated with organic web marketing campaigns as opposed those paid advertising platforms we discussed earlier such as Google Adwords.

When your site is not being found on search engines, you need to make a change. You can’t expect all the benefits of SEO if people don’t find out about it!


Rather than changing your SEO strategy every month, it may make more sense to do it 3-6 months at a time and stick with those changes for longer periods. The best way to determine when you need to update your SEO plans is by monitoring how well you rank from month to month and then adjusting accordingly if necessary after three or six months have passed.

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