Fragile candle products are in great demand in the market today. The ever-increasing demand has led many retailers to invest in candle retail stores. With so many new companies emerging every day, getting your company to stand out before it hits the market is quite a challenge. But a custom candle box is there to highlight the unique factors of your product and brand. All you need is the right strategy for a unique packaging design. If you’re at a loss for ideas for fancy packaging designs, the following tips can help.

Keep Custom Box Design Simple

Some brands use a minimalist concept to professionally design their candle packaging boxes. A simple design is not supposed to keep your design consistent, but rather to make it clearer and cleaner. In search of aesthetic appeal, you may be tempted to incorporate color into your design with bolder, lighter fonts. But they make it very unprofessional and create visual noise. Minimalist design always pays off to give your brand a more modern and stylish look. Be sure to include legible fonts in plain, white and black.

Use of Creative Style Packaging Boxes

The packing style of a custom candle box is a determining factor in the attractiveness and effect on the rack. Stick to a simple style and you will miss all opportunities to get the audience’s attention. So far, custom box designs are considered a real attraction in the market. Use cutting technology to display some creative cutting patterns on your packaging. You will also need to replace the cut portion of the packaging with clear PVC film. This type of box only offers a wrapped candle look while looking stunning at the same time.

Use of Engaging Artwork on Custom Boxes

To grab the attention of your target audience, you need to use engaging graphics on candle packaging boxes. Moreover, you get the chance to give a boost to your brand repute in the competitive candle manufacturing industry.  But it’s still the best because your product is easily recognizable in the market. Customize your logo in a leaf shape and if you’re afraid someone will use the same concept, modernize their look. This can be done by making your logo in the shape of a pointed arch or changing its colors artistically.

Organic Design Custom Boxes

Another useful idea is to focus on organic design when creating candle packaging boxes. To realize this design idea, use green and light brown colors. It is a special color that shows the natural and organic nature of the candle. They also emphasize the effectiveness of the product and suggest harmless properties. It is highly valued by consumers in the rolling industry who support the organic movement.

Vintage Scheme on Custom Boxes

Introducing vintage schemes into packaging designs is a great tip to make people feel nostalgic. To do this, include some country-style fonts and brown Kraft paper in your package. They provide a historical overview of the early role and take the target audience back to the simplest of times. You can also combine the vintage aesthetic of your packaging with an image with leaves a big impact on the shelf.

Be Sustainable for Custom Boxes

Customer environmental awareness is at its peak. It is no longer a hidden fact that plastic poses a significant risk to the survival of our planet. And steps are needed to limit the use of plastic in society. Like many other brands, use sustainable packaging designs for your goods to reassure environmentally conscious consumers. The best approach to sustainable packaging is to use more environmentally friendly materials in the production process.

Play With Words on Custom Boxes

Several candle data need to be communicated to their users. It is this information that shapes or interferes with your company’s sales. So play with words and emphasize the recreational use of your product on individual custom presentation boxes. Indications for recreational use should be fun and humorous. This way, your goods will look more pleasing and pleasing to consumers and will give your brand an extra edge over other competitors.

Add Handles to Provide Convenience 

Considering the functional aspects of the packaging in front of the candle is the most important design concept. You can make it as visually appealing as you want, but there’s no point in doing so unless it’s practical. In this concept, the handle is attached to the lid of the packaging to make it portable. The handle can be in the form of a side pocket or a small hole in the lid, which ensures a perfect grip. They contribute to a more comfortable and user-friendly design, which ultimately increases the perceived value of your item.

Mind-blowing Design Packaging Boxes

An appealing aesthetic design is a special concept that should not go out of style. This design embraces a whimsical atmosphere with the use of unique typography, spiral patterns, bold colors, and extreme details. Other things like holographic effects and hippie symbols can be added to achieve this design. It is the most visually used design, known for its efficiency to instantly grab the customer’s attention.

Personalized candle box designs always pay off by increasing product and brand value with future customers. Keep your packaging designs ahead of imaginative and artistic candles to make a lasting impression on the market. To do this, you can use strategies like creative styles, sheet art printing, and retro designs.

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