If you know anything about men’s soaps, it is the fact that they do not smell that great. It is kind of a bummer considering the fact that men’s colognes are the best thing to exist on planet. Nobody even knows how they last so long on their shirts. But soaps have recently gone through an exchange that overturned the sales of soaps for men. If you come at Dr. Squatch, you will find the best-selling soaps available that smell great too. And moreover, you can also use the Dr.Squatch discount code for extra discount. 

How Dr.Squatch Changed Men’s Products

Dr. Squatch is quite famous in their arena for men’s products. They have introduced products for men that are especially designed for the male attire. They are made of ingredients that are beneficial for them and have the kinds of scents that spark up their personality. They have revolutionized the products for men by introducing both scents and components that help the male community in their health and self-care. They are the true partners for all male friends out there who didn’t know how to accomplish personal care effectively.

Best Products 

Diptyque Philosykos Bar Soap

This soap is best for all kinds of skin types. Yes, Dr. Squatch also cares about the product you are using and the type of skin its compatibility matches! As for the scent, the soap smells like you are sitting in a garden of fig trees. You might even take a trip down the memory lane while you are in the shower because it is the perfect blend of that manly smell combined with the woody aroma of fig trees. It is composed of almond oil, so it serves benefits for the skin too!

Baxter of California Men’s Exfoliating Body Bar Soap for Men

This soap doesn’t just offer the part of a refreshing aroma. You get to experience the freshness of skin by removal of old and dead skin cells. It can be used as a moisturizer and a soap. This is not something you will find in many men’s products. The reason why we couldn’t just talk about its scent here. As for the smell that wafts off into the air after a nice shower, oak and cedarwood! Yes, the woody scent will be enough to power through the day with a refreshing start.

Caswell-Massey Bath Soap

This is a plant-based soap so you can also assure yourself that the environment is being taken care of, as much as you! It has a great fragrance to keep you company. And like any other men’s products, you can convince yourself that it is going to last long. It is extremely soft, and you can buy three soaps in one! 

Yes, the whole collection can be bought at an affordable price. One of the soaps has the standard woody scent, the other one has a citrus flavored smell, while the last one is beach in the shower. No, it just has that salt type smell! You can make up a proper routine where you use the soaps in order to either find the perfect blend or the perfect fragrance.

Duke Cannon Big Brick of Soap Set

If you are looking for something outdoorsy, you can buy this set of three soaps that is budget friendly. We call it the budget friendly option not because of the three soaps but because of the size of each soap. You can use them for as long as you can think of without the smell fading or the sound of another order of soaps coming in soon after. 

The smells that come from these soaps remind you of the outdoors. They have a bunch of different fragrances like the fire near the camp, pines that are freshly taken out, and the leaves that blow out in the wind! You will be taking this one for the long run.

Harry’s Bar Soap 4-Pack

This 4-pack will keep your body fresh and healthy. The ingredients that are put into the soap are mainly of palm oil and glycerin which turns the skin soft and keeps it moisturized. It is best for the skin that is sensitive. It also creates a lather when being used which can keep you satisfied in the shower. Moreover, the scent is on the citrus side of the nature. You will be enjoying the bath long after you have showered.


So, what do you think about our list? Do you think it serves justice to the list of soaps in your mind? Do you use other soaps? Dr. Squatch’s products are quite famous amongst men because of their consideration and quality management for men’s needs. This is why this list was specially designed to aid them in choosing the right scents for their attire and day! We hope you liked it as well. 

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