When you’re preparing the report, the external sources are most likely to enhance the quality of the report along with authority. However, there is a fine line difference between using external sources and misrepresenting ideas as your own.

What is Plagiarism?

As per standard definition, using someone’s works or ideas without giving credit to them or passing them off as their own ideas is considered plagiarism. Even though indulging in plagiarism seems to be a deliberate action, it often occurs due to a lack of carefulness.

Reasons to avoid plagiarism!

From our perspective, copy and paste seem to be a harmless action. Still, in the professional or academic carrier, it brings some serious consequences. The issue of plagiarism falls under the realm of ethical issues. Hence, if any writer even mistakenly commits this act, he will be perceived as a thief who theft someone’s ideas with the expectation of getting benefit from them. Hence, you should avoid plagiarism at any cost. This will help you keep your head high among your peers and mentors in your career.

Avoiding plagiarism is not hard as it seems. In fact, is easier if you have fundamental ideas regarding what it is. In the following steps, we will discuss how to avoid plagiarism in your work and make it genuine. 

5 Tips to avoid plagiarism

  • Use citation:

You have to include an in-text citation or footnote citation whenever you are using external sources. The main purpose of the in-text citation is to recognize the original author of the source. After using an in-text citation in the original report, you also have to enlist the whole source in the reference list at the end of the paper.

  • Use quotations:

When you wish to share the idea or work of someone else with your readers, you should put actual text in the quotation mark. The quotation also should be correctly attributed to the actual author. The quotation mark would help the reader understand the piece of information picked from the work of the following author. A direct quote would help you to avoid plagiarism.

  • Paraphrase your writings:

Paraphrasing is another way out of avoiding plagiarism. Paraphrasing means to rewrite the same text with your own word without altering its core meaning. There are so many paraphrasing tools available in the market. You also should paraphrase carefully, as if it is done incorrectly, your work might fall into the plagiarism trap. To conduct paraphrasing correctly, you need to do the rewording in a much-crafted manner. You also need to avoid using similar words or phrases from the original text. You can take the idea from the source and rewrite it in your own words but in a creative way. As you’re using someone else’s source, you also need to put an in-text citation at the end of the sentence.

  • Take time while writing:

To avoid plagiarism, you have to ensure that you have enough time in your hand. If you quickly want to finish your work, you might make unnecessary mistakes in rushing. This might catch you in plagiarism. Hence, put time into research works and pay attention to the content you’re incorporating in your study. Keep track of all of your resources and use them in properly doing in-text citations. You can also input your thoughts and insights in your writing, as this would add extra value to your work, and plagiarism will also be under-check.

  • Use Plagiarism Checker:

Some inadvertent mistakes might lead to plagiarism even if you take all caution while writing. Some online tools check plagiarism online. These tools will help you to detect whether your writings have plagiarised content or not. Some online tools would also tell you from which source the plagiarised content has been picked up. Using these tools, you can rectify the mistakes and make your writing plagiarism-free.

If you are looking for plagiarism-free quality content, you can contact our assignment writing service. Using these techniques to avoid plagiarism is definitely worth the time and effort it takes. As well as a greater knowledge of what plagiarism is, frequent practice is required to prevent plagiarism from occurring.

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