Team building activities are an effective way to build relationships, improve communication skills, and develop connections among team members. But how do you keep your team engaged? With digital technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to find ways to make your next corporate event engaging. This article will show you some of the best ways to use digital technology in your next team-building activity. From virtual reality team building games to interactive learning games, here are some tips for creating a memorable event that will help your teams thrive.

Using the right type of digital technology

Digital technology can be used in a variety of ways in the workplace. On the video game front, you can create computer-based games that help build teamwork and communication skills. Using computers to create a virtual reality experience can also help give your team members a new perspective on the situation they are working on. Instead of reading about a task in a manual, your employees can get a firsthand look at how they will have to perform the task. If your team members are learning about a new software product, virtual reality games can help them understand how to use the product better. Virtual reality can also be used to help teach your employees something new.

Digital Team Building Activities for Any Type of Corporate Event

1. Exercises in Virtual Reality Virtual reality can be used to enhance corporate team building exercises by making it more fun and interactive. Try an exercise that mixes the imagination and the senses through a virtual reality game. Try scuba diving to see if you can survive in underwater conditions or enter a space where you’ll be challenged to survive in a survival situation. One innovative company that integrates virtual reality into its team building activities is Artizen. The online game Artizen is fun, engaging, and easy to use. It gives you the ability to create your very own virtual reality world by choosing a place to explore, a story line, characters, objects, and themes.

How to use digital technology for team building

The best team building activities keep team members engaged for hours. Think about your favorite video games or even computer games – they’re all about finding the fun and challenge that’s right in front of you. While there are plenty of digital team building games out there, the game I’m going to share is an interactive learning game I designed and shared with my daughter’s 5th grade class. My daughter worked with me to build and program the game in Scratch, a computer programming language. I’m sharing the design and coding process in this article because I want you to take away three important things. Find and Set the Goal. First, decide what your team needs to learn before the end of the event, then choose a game that will give your team goals to work toward.

Digital Hacks You Can Use At Your Next Meeting

Change up the traditional meeting experience and use the latest tech tools to make your team experience more exciting. Use Virtual Reality to Get the Employees’ Creative juices flowing Teams can use virtual reality (VR) technology to engage their employees with educational, engaging, and unique content. Here are some ideas for using VR as a team-building tool: Try Mission Impossible VR If you have the means, test out this virtual reality experience designed to put your employees on the edge of their seats. See a sample of this popular VR game, which was featured on a recent Netflix show. Create a “Game of Thrones” virtual reality experience Take your employees on a virtual reality adventure through the series “Game of Thrones” with this short, interactive experience.


As a leader in your organization, you are responsible for developing your team’s skills. If your team isn’t succeeding, it’s your job to develop them and get them working as a team. If you’re ready to work hard to help your teams succeed, consider starting a digital transformation. It might not be all about your employees; it could be an experience for the entire organization, creating a healthier business culture for your entire team.

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