The sapphire crystals are highly valuable forms of crystals that provide a huge amount of benefit at the time of customizing several applications. The Sapphire Rods are high-quality rods that can be used in several industries like medical, industrial, diagnostics, as well as jeweler sectors. Also, these materials are the best alternative to quartz, alumina, gold, and that is the reason these are getting a huge amount of popularity in today’s world. 

We are Sapphire Optics and here you can avail of the best quality Sapphire Rods that too in a customized form and can further make your own applications from these. Our products are well made and designed to provide high-quality performance to the customers. 

Thus, if you are looking for the Sapphire Rods, then go through this article and avail all the detailed information regarding the same. You can also contact our experts to have a more vast knowledge about these rods and further ensure a positive buying. 

What are the Types of Sapphire Rods we provide?

There are several types of rods and each Sapphire Rod has a unique purpose that it can meet. You cannot mix the application to get a product for yourself. All these are important in some way or the other. However, the lists of rods that are offered by us are listed below:

  1. Flat end Sapphire Rod
  2. Dome End Shaped Rod
  3. Cone End Sapphire Rod
  4. Lift Pins Sapphire
  5. Plunger Rod Sapphire
  6. Long Length Sapphire
  7. Sapphire Rod for Precision Machinery
  8. Rods for Industrial Endoscope
  9. Rods for Bearing Application

What is the importance of Sapphire Rods?

The Sapphire Rods can meet up with any kind of application. However, sapphire products are way better than any other form of material as well. It provides a lot of benefits that can further recognize the importance of the same:

  1. It can transmit light from 190NM to 5 MICRONS

The first importance that is provided by the Sapphire Rods is that it can pass through light from these. Also, the amount of light it can transfer is high. 

  • It can thus be used as lamp materials including UV and IR lamps. These have a unique capacity to penetrate far deep in the UV and it if compared with other materials. Thus it provides a great scattering of light in the whole room. 
  • Also, the materials are hard thus they can protect themselves from extreme plasmas, temperature, and heat. 
  • These can also be witnessed for a longer period of time and do not perform any kind of degradation for a long time that you can even imagine. 
  • For pyrometer, these are also valuable and can transfer a wide range of wavelengths through them. That is the reason it is a great product to use for applications that are hot already. It can hold 2000C on one end and room temperature on the other. 
  •  While considering these for the lamps of UV and IR, it can further protect against severe hostile conditions without even damaging the sensors. 
  1. These are highly Plasma nad Chemical Resistant
  • These rods are highly resistant to chemicals and thus they can also be used as tubes for plasma chambers and other applications. 
  • Furthermore, the hot caustic salts can hamper these rods and tubs. Apart from these, no other solvent can harm these rods, even the motel metals also fail to hamper these. Thus it is highly safe for further processing and handling. 
  • Also as it can prevent chemicals, it can also be used for medical and industrial purposes including the semiconductor and the pharmaceutical.  
  1. These are easily available and are available in several categories
  • These are the tubes that can resist a temperature of 2000C without damaging anything. Thus it can be used in several sectors, like gas cylinders, lamps, combustion tubes, jewels. 
  • The best temperatures for these rods are 1800C and also as it has chemical resistance properly it is difficult to stick other materials over it. 
  1. Other Applications
  • Medical- For serving the camera lens cover including dental tooltips, as well as good for endoscopy as well.
  • Research- For research industries and can be applied as curettes, containment tubes, and lenses. 
  • Aero-space- For sensors, Windows, and ball bearings. 
  • Semiconductor- The application of the semiconductor is plasma tubes, lasers, and lamps. 
  • Oil and Gas- For gauges, diffusion plates, and sight windows without housing. 
  • Military- Military application further includes viewports, sensors, range finders, and windows. 


Thus, Sapphire Optics can be highly beneficial to get best rods for your desired application. However, with the above detailed information you already know that you can use this in a varied form. 

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