How to make your interior unique? How to reflect your individuality in it? Do you want your home to feel cozy and warm? These are the questions we ask ourselves to make our home better. And this is the right way to start to think about it. 

For instance, you don’t want to have fresh spring flowers while it is raining outside 

Designers always think that a cozy house is dependent on being beautifully decorated. No matter how the room was furnished, its empty walls can ruin the entire interior. Also, the design will appear unfinished. Therefore, a good solution would be to try to decorate it. It is not at all necessary to use the services of specialists, but it is better to try to do it yourself.

So it is all about decoration. Decors can be so much different from each other. Before choosing a decor for your interior, you need to prepare your home for that. One of the basic principles: get rid of those things that do not make you happy. By the way, this advice is about the choice of decor. You should like the decoration, otherwise, why do you need them in your interior? After only the necessary things are removed from your interior, only after this you can start to choose what kind of decorations you want. It can play a role for two goals, which are introducing functional and aesthetic. Decor not only makes your home brighter, but it also helps you feel more comfortable and actually feels like home.

For example, now the trend of eco-decor is so popular. It actually helps you to relax, to feel the atmosphere in the house. You can place plants in the place where you usually work, it will help you concentrate, will make you feel like you are working in nature. In general, many interior designers and decorators are assuming that the more green decor in the interior is better. But if you are not ready to take care of houseplants, then we advise you to hang pictures or put textiles with floral prints. So let’s figure out 3 tips for decorations that will help you to decorate your home. 

1.    Wall painting or canvas on the wall

Also, by painting the walls, your space can automatically increase or decrease. Nowadays, printing technology has become easy. This is due to the fact that today for painting, we use only modern paintings and materials.

But if you don’t want to print your wall, because you think that it will annoy you after some time, you can use canvas for your wall. There are many options for the location of photos and paintings, depending on their size. You can arrange many small ones around one large image. Also, you can hang just one large picture on the wall. It all depends only on the imagination and desires of the owner of the house. Moreover, when choosing a design, it is worth considering the atmosphere of the room in which they will be located. For example, romantic photographs will look beautiful in the bedroom, general family photographs are more suitable for the living room, and cheerful, cheerful photographs for the nursery. Also, panels should be used as a decoration for a room, but it is worth remembering that it is better to hang them at eye level. You should also pay attention to your furniture style and your home interior style. For example, if you want to have pictures on your living room wall, you need to pay attention to living room furniture especially on the sofa, because most of the pictures you will put on the wall where your sofa is.

  2. Bowls and trays in the interior.

Another, and so popular design tricks are bowls and trays in the interior. They can serve several functions. First, they can be used for making a thematic and beautiful composition, which will brighten any corner of your home. Secondly, trays and bowls will help you organize the storage of everyday little things, such as jewelry that you wear all the time. Finally, they can be like unique decorative elements, they can be beautiful as it is. . Trays are mostly used in bedrooms. If you have perfume or some cosmetics which you use daily, you can put this on trays.

 Don’t forget about seasonal decorations. Your home’s atmosphere can change with the weather or season outside. For example, in fall you can decorate the interior with yellowed leaves or drying flowers. This will be a great addition to your bowls and trays and will look perfect on any bedroom sets you have.

3. Candles are always a good idea.

The decor can change from case to case. The most popular option is candles. Do you want to have a romantic date right at your home? 

Not only can visible decorations play a huge role in your home, but also so important is how your home smells. With their help, you can create a cozy atmosphere or prepare your home for a special event. Planning a Hawaiian party? Fragrances with for example rainy day notes will decorate the interior in fall, and you will feel the season atmosphere even brighter. 

This kind of method will help you to wake up early in the morning or relax after a hard workday. In fact, when you use lavender, vanilla, or lemon, it will make you feel relaxed.

And always remember, to choose the right decor, you need to listen to yourself, understand what kind of mood you want to create. It is not necessary to do all decoration at one time.

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