What did you do when you were a child when you wanted to give someone a gift that was more than just a greeting card? You got them an object that they could treasure forever. A gift is always more memorable when it’s tangible. But when it comes to gifts, there’s something even better than giving your friend or loved one something they can keep forever. You can give them a custom incense box which will not only be useful in their day-to-day life but will also make them feel special and cherished! 

1. What do you need to make custom incense boxes

2. How to add the design to your laser printer and cut it 

3. How to assemble your custom incense box 

1. What do you need to make custom incense boxes? 

You need boxes, incense, charcoal, and a lighter. First, you need to find the right boxes to use for your custom incense boxes. The best boxes are boxes that are small enough to carry around but big enough to hold a variety of incense sticks. Also, you need to purchase a few different types of charcoal to burn the incense with.

2. How to add the design to your laser printer and cut it 

1. You can print your designs on paper or cardstock to cut them out with your laser printer. First, print the design on regular paper. Then, print it on cardstock. On the back of the cardstock, print the same design again, so you’ll have a mirror image. Then, cut out the design by printing it on the back and cutting out the circle. Most stores carry these in the grocery stores and websites.  

2. Can you use them with your Google My Business profile? Yes, you can use them to add images and pictures to your profile. Make sure which image file or graphic is in your photo upload, so you don’t get banned. After you upload your pictures, you can either share them or print them out from the websites.  

3. Can you integrate the designs of the incense box with the profile’s images? Yes, you definitely can! We have worked with many computer manufacturers to integrate our profiles with the designs on the back of our cards.

3. How to assemble your custom incense box  

One of the great things about living in the United States is how accessible everything is. You can get whatever you want, whenever you want it. But sometimes, the access to whatever you want can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice in your life, try making your own incense box.  

Depending on where you live, the materials you need to buy will vary. You might decide to buy a traditional wooden box or stone box, or one made out of plastic or wood. If you’re willing to go all out, you might splurge on a high-quality wooden box carved out of precious wood. Whether you use an incense box or not, one moment of intentional connection is all it takes to savor a moment. Imagine someone buys you a wooden box that’s engraved with your name.  

When you open the box, you breathe in the scent of their love and care. The experience is much more powerful than buying something for yourself.  

What is opening a candle box for?  

Putting a candle in a box is a pretty common way people connect with each other in different cultures around the world. As a result, candle boxes have become an inexpensive yet elegant way to remember meaningful occasions. A box can be opened by any candle you choose, and a box can be sent to anyone you want matching with your loved one.  

Naturally, there are a variety of methods for opening a candle box. I’ve chosen this one from the New Yorker as an example because it’s been my personal favorite and the one that made me realize incense makes a better gift. A candle box can be a symbol of love, or it can be a colorful vessel to display all your creative gifts. Choose a candle that evokes emotion, and add a box for the recipient that’s both thoughtful and fun. 

Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes for Incenses 

Incense is a highly sensitive and aesthetic product that has to be launched innovatively on the market. These fragrant items are to be found in a distinctive and beautiful package. The ideal way for the production of eye-catchy and stylish cases is to customize them according to your requirements. Custom tray and sleeve box attract the attention of customers at first sight without thinking a second time. We provide superior services because we are devoted to our obligations and tasks.  

The Custom Box Packet adapts your Incense Gift Boxes according to your requirements. We provide several choices to customize your cases in any design, style, shape, and size. We give you a free hand to build your own packaging. Do you not think of creative ideas? 

Choose our creative styles and designs from your desired design in order to establish your market impression as a standard benchmark. You don’t have to go anyplace to think about boxing. Share your thoughts with our graphical designers, and they will offer you a 3D mockup design to tailor your packaging in incense boxes.  

The Incense Storage Box style is extremely distinctive as it plays a significant role in organizing the box. For bespoke box packaging design, you may select every style. Sleeve and tray, tuck end, and you may pick a lot more styles according to your needs. Tuck End Incense Boxes have been used to establish a very competitive brand value. 


Making custom incense boxes is a fun activity that will give you the satisfaction of giving something unique and useful.  

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