Reusing and recycling old containers is a great way to save money and cut down on the amount of waste we create. One way you can reuse an old container is by turning it into a planter. There are many benefits to repurposing your containers such as: saving money, reducing waste, and getting creative.

You can even make beautiful arrangements with old recycled containers. The great thing about these recycled planters is that you can use them indoors or outdoors. Plus, you have no limitations to just use them for plants. You can use these containers for other things such as candles or makeup brushes.

Plants are not the only thing you can place in your recycled containers. Even old magazines will look good placed on top of some dirt. You can use old planter boxes to store makeup brushes. They are good for when they are on your countertop or windowsill. You don’t need to worry about the size of the container. It can be used inside or outside.

You can use old kraft boxes and containers to store all sorts of things. They’re the perfect size for smaller items like stationery or bandages, so you won’t have any problem finding what’s needed in one place. The best part is that you can also re-use your old containers for storage purposes.

You can use them as jewellery holders, hair accessories organizers and even stationary holders. Don’t feel limited by their original purpose, because there really is no limit to what you want to do with your favorite kraft boxes packaging. If you tend to buy a lot of accessories every month, then this one is for you. You can use old kraft boxes and containers as a great way to organize your earrings and keep them away from any damage. It’s also important that the cover closes well so its contents remain safe and intact at all times.  These boxes are perfect for storing stud earrings, hoops and even your favorite delicate chandeliers.

It’s always great to have an emergency kit in case of any situation. It is not always easy to deal with injuries or accidents. They can be bad and you need to prepare for them. You can take old boxes and containers and store your first aid kit there. Put extra things in the box too, like band aids or medical tape, so if you need it you will have it!

First aid kit basics: tweezers, bandages, gauze swabs, alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide and different types of medication such as antihistamines, ibuprofen and painkillers.

Protecting yourself against pests is very important

It is important to take pest control seriously. It helps keep your employees safe and also keeps customers happy because they know they are getting what was promised. One way to protect against pests, especially mosquitos that carry viruses, is using old kraft boxes or containers filled with dirt or sand around your property.

Outdoor barbecues are a good way to make new memories. You can store the charcoal in old kraft boxes, and it will be ready for you when you want to have a barbecue again. This also keeps the insects away from your children and guests. Using old kraft boxes as containers for party games is a fantastic idea! You can simply fill them with mud or water and you’re all set.

1. Use a custom kraft box to store your jewellery

Now is a great time to invest in high quality jewellery. Store your precious pieces of gold or silver inside this custom kraft box with lidded compartment. These boxes will protect against dust, humidity and scratches that could damage the stones on rings.

It’s never too early to choose what kind of gift you want to give someone as they work hard and succeed. For example, if they’re not always easy on themselves, it can be a good idea.

2. Use a custom kraft container as a pencil holder on your desk

The best way to keep your desk tidy and organized is with a custom kraft container. It will look great in any office, especially if you place one near the front or back of each person’s workspace so that everyone can see them.

A clear lid will prevent dust from accumulating on the different items that you need for your day-to-day activities, such as paper clips, pens, rulers or notes.

3. Cut holes in the side of a box and use it as storage for shoes

The best places to store your shoes are often right underneath where you stand. We’ve seen people do this with kitchens, bathrooms or even closets–it all depends on what their living situation has available.

A clear lid will make it easy to see all of your ingredients. The chalkboard label is perfect for quickly labelling and organizing different items to be ready when you need them most.

4. Store spices inside an old container and place them in your kitchen cupboard or pantry

When you purchase spices, be sure to store them in an old container and place them inside your kitchen cupboard or pantry. This will save space for other things while keeping the freshness of these ingredients near their expiration date.

Instead of throwing away old pots and planters, you can use them as a snack container. Buy some airtight plastic containers or lids with sealable openings, and put those inside the storage areas before filling it up again with snacks.

5. Create labels for all of your containers so you know what’s inside each one

Labels are helpful when you want to organize your kitchen. You can put what is in the container on the label, like spices or tools. People might even want to put pictures on them. You should do this so you know what you have in each container and don’t mix up things when you need something specific like pots & pans or knives. It’s also helpful if there are groceries so they won’t get mixed up with other things in your house either.


Conclusion paragraph: You may not know this, but you can repurpose old custom kraft boxes and containers. Whether it’s a pencil holder for your desk or storage for your shoes, there are creative ways to make use of these sturdy paper boxes. With the help of some pictures through Custom Packaging solution, you’ll be able to come up with your own unique ways to recycle these boxes.

You may not know this, but you can repurpose old custom kraft boxes and containers. Whether it’s a pencil holder for your desk or storage for your shoes, there are creative ways to make use of these sturdy materials.

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